About us

Years of experience and thinking outside the box is what sets us apart. We are able to adapt to changing trends and market situations. We always put the dynamic development of both our clients and employees first. The Britenet team is made up of people with diverse perspectives - entrepreneurs and strategists, experts in many different fields. Thanks to this multidisciplinarity, we have been creating technology solutions for more than 16 years.

We combine experience with innovative thinking. In our team you will find people with many years of experience in corporations, founders of startups, entrepreneurs.

We have been creating IT for many years

When we took our first steps in the IT industry in 2006, no one thought that the development of the company would happen so rapidly. 10 people, 10 different stories and common ideas for further activities. The goal was obvious - to gain the trust of customers and strengthen our position in the market. We started
in a few people in a small office. To date, we have built a team of more than 1,000 employees. From software outsourcing to a full range of programming and analytical services. Working with the corporate
and telecom sectors taught us to synthesize a business approach and digital strategy. We have acquired new clients and thus constantly expanded our horizons.

Photo of the three founders of Britenet

As the company grew, we also developed our competencies and skills. Courses, trainings, internships - thanks to these efforts, Britenet today has one of the largest Salesforce teams in Poland and the number of 400 certificates obtained by its members. To this day, we take care of long-term relationships with customers, build trust and brand image, and try to respond to the needs of our employees. We believe that a flexible approach is the key to creating good quality digital products. We are also expanding into foreign markets and entering into partnerships with companies around the world. This keeps us open to new challenges in more sectors.

We cared about maintaining long-term relationships, building trust and corporate image in the Polish IT market. However, it was not the only one we focused on. With time, Britenet began to direct its development also to foreign markets. Later cooperation with companies from almost all over the world enabled us to consistently build a team of Salesforce consultants.

Britenet grows under the wings

Profile photo of Michal Borne

Michal Borny


In 2006, together with Tomasz Krajewski, he founded Britenet. As CEO, he is responsible for implementing the organization's development strategy and controlling and supervising day-to-day operations. His professional interests are new technologies, their importance for society and their impact on everyday life. He is also passionate about software development processes.

Profile photo of Tomasz Dzikie

Tomasz Dziki

Executive VP & owner

Vice President of the company - joined Britenet in 2012. He has been involved in the IT industry for more than 24 years. He started his professional career as a Java programmer. Currently he takes care of commercial strategy and development of new sales opportunities. He coordinates sales in overseas markets and building business relationships.

Profile photo of Tomasz Krajewski

Tomasz Krajewski


Co-founder of Britenet company. He has been involved in the IT industry for 20 years. In the current activities of Britenet, he is responsible for the development of new business areas with a strong focus on the new technology sector, developing business models to expand the existing core-business and creating company policy on project management standards.

Profile photo of Michal Zienkowski

Michal Zienkowski

Profile photo of Irenaeus Codello

Ireneusz Codello

Allocation Center
Profile photo by Jan Palmowski

Jan Palmowski

Project Management
Profile photo of Lukasz Nienartowicz

Lukasz Nienartowicz

Business Intelligence
Profile photo of Jarek Duda

Jarek Duda

Communication & Internal Corporate Venturing
Profile photo of Wioletta Bykas-Darnowska.

Wioletta Bykas-Darnowska

Human Resources
Profile photo of Rafal Szydlovski

Rafal Szydłowski

Internal IT
Profile photo of Magdalena Jagiello

Magdalena Jagiello

Profile photo of Edyta Czech

Edyta Czech

Profile photo of Michal Tomasik

Michal Tomasik

Profile photo of Natalia Paluch

Natalia Paluch


We care about
what we create

We create and develop high-end software. Thanks to our experience and the use of the potential of new technologies, we enable clients to achieve strategic goals adapted to changing market conditions.


We know how to organize work efficiently, which brings real benefits to our clients. We have been on the market since 2006 and currently employ over 1,000 specialists in five competence centers in Poland. We effectively implement projects for various business sectors.


We focus on long-term cooperation with both our Clients and Employees. This allows us to ensure continuity in the implementation of projects and a full understanding of clients' needs and organizational culture.

Readiness for change

We think outside the box and are able to surprise clients with solutions that go beyond their expectations. We respond to unusual needs and implement modern methods of managing IT projects and their risks.


We guarantee the stability and high quality of our solutions and support of IT products and systems. We tailor the way we implement our activities to the most demanding standards of our clients.

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94 Zagnańska St., 25-524 Kielce
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14 Szyperska St., 61-754 Poznań
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24 Piłsudskiego Street
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413 Grunwaldzka Ave.
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Branch in Germany

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