Artificial Intelligence

Have you lost a customer? Artificial intelligence could help you predict it

Graphic showing customers leaving the bank

Did you know that artificial intelligence, when properly implemented, can identify customers planning to abandon our services? How do you prepare your company for the implementation of such a solution?

The answer to this question, in an article for, is provided by Britenet expert Barbara Sobkowiak, Data Science Manager.

The link to the article can be found below:

‍Losta customer? Artificial intelligence could help you predict it

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Barbara Sobkowiak

In 2016, I joined Britenet's Poznan branch and started my adventure as a Junior SQL Developer. Quite quickly it turned out that my strengths are analytical skills and contact with the customer. I continued my development as a Business Intelligence Analyst, being responsible for the analytical parts of data warehousing and reporting projects. After some time, I became a Data Science Manager, thus getting the opportunity to build my own team and taking responsibility for the whole area. In my work, I talk to clients showing them that they can get even more knowledge from data and build their entire decision-making process around it. Together with his team, he performs tasks in the area of data analysis and machine learning.