Britenet for Ukraine

Graphic showing the flag of Ukraine

Freedom and independence are paramount human rights, so in the situation of Russia's brutal attack on independent Ukraine, we could not remain indifferent. So the Britenet community rolled up its sleeves and joined in to actively help the victims. More than 46 thousand zlotys went into our piggy bank launched on the platform Zbió Britenet's Board of Directors decided to double this amount, which gave us more than 93 thousand zlotys - a sum that allowed us to take extensive action.

In the first round, we focused on learning about the most important needs of those affected by the war - both those who reached our country and those who remained in Ukraine. We partnered with credible organizations and venues that told us where the funds would best go.

We have helped such organizations as: 

  • Help For You and the Polish Red Cross - foundations that opened their collection points and took care of collecting donations and direct aid to Ukrainian citizens affected by the war. We donated medicines, bandages, chemicals, cosmetics, as well as thermal clothing to them. These items were transferred directly to Ukraine, including to a hospital in Rivne. 
  • We donated quilts, pillows, hygiene products, medicines and things to organize the time of the wards to the Children's Home in Bilgoraj, which received children from Ukraine.
  • Surely you've heard the slogan "luck multiplies when it is shared" in this case it was so with aid. A group of Lublin cooks, observing the situation at the border, where hundreds of thousands of people waited in queues in the cold and very harsh conditions to get to Poland, decided to use their skills and move to help Zosin and other border crossings. They did not lack enthusiasm, what was needed was support for the purchase of equipment - here we got involved: we bought a huge gas stool and four very large capacity brewers. Thanks to us and other support, a real field kitchen was created, which provided many people with the opportunity to eat a warm meal.
  • We also allocated part of the amount for transportation from the border of our employees' relatives.

After donating the aid and clearing the first round of money, we were able to take further action. 

This time we focused on a bigger and more specific goal - the accumulation of material aid coming in from various sources and the huge amount of things donated by donors requires proper logistics and storage - we received a signal that in order not to waste the goodness of heart and unity of people bringing aid, we needed a warehouse where donations would be stored and distributed. Together with Caritas Lublin, we funded the rental of a 3307 sq. m. storage hall.

This was a very ambitious goal, but with a fair amount of funds at our disposal, we were able to make our contribution and organize a place where aid from anyone who wants to carry it will flow.

However, this is not the end of our activities. We want to continue to be actively involved in helping the Citizens of Ukraine, showing them support and solidarity. We sincerely thank our employees and their families - your commitment and open hearts are proof that good comes back! We would not have been able to achieve so much, in such a short time, if it were not for your mobilization. The collection, which was initially directed solely to you, over time went to your families and friends, which allowed us to raise such a high amount of money, and with it extensive activities. We are proud that together we can create an organization made up of ready to help, sensitive people who are never indifferent to the injustice of another human being.