Britenet opens largest office in Lublin in company's history

Photo showing Britenet CEO and invited guests cutting the ribbon

3 floors, 2800 square meters, space for 400 people, modern spaces and surprising arrangements - all this awaits Britenet employees in Lublin in the newly opened office, which combines two branches. I would like to thank you very much for being and choosing Lublin. I wish Britenet many successes, which also contribute to the development of our city," Artur Szymczyk, Deputy Mayor of Lublin for Investment and Development, said at the opening event.

Britenet's new headquarters in Lublin is the largest in the company's history. It is located in a new office building at 9a Wojciechowska Street and is a merger of two Lublin branches - from Morwowa Street and Hamlet Street. - Over the nearly 16 years of the company's operation, a lot has changed. We are growing, we are pursuing strategic goals, we are in more and more locations in Poland, we are opening foreign branches, but at the same time we do not forget our beginnings and the places where we have been for many years. One of them is precisely Lublin, where we have been operating since 2008. - says Michal Borny, CEO.

The new office on Wojciechowska Street will include chillout rooms, game rooms, spacious conference rooms, open space, rotating hot desks, coffee points or muted conversation areas. The first association on which we based the initial concept for Britenet's new office was the word "bright," derived from the company's name. Here we had no doubts about the effect we wanted to achieve: a lighted interior, light floors and wood, whitewashed brick, high glazed windows and partitions, " recalls office architect Mateusz Kunkiewicz, of Kunkiewicz Architects and LuCreate. What sets Britenet's new headquarters apart are certainly the artistic murals by Dawid Ryski, Elijah Gola and Daniel Jarosz (Britenet's graphic designer). Guests at the reception, meanwhile, are greeted by an almost two-meter-high statue of BriteMan - the symbolic hero of IT.

The new office was created with our employees in mind. We want to be closer to them, and closer to our customers. We prioritize relationships, and the new Britenet office, the largest to date, here in Lublin, only emphasizes this need. Despite the company's recent development plans, expansion into foreign markets, reaching out to more Polish cities, we have not forgotten our sentiment for Lublin, where there are more and more of us. - emphasizes Michał Zieńkowski, Head of Technology, associated with Britenet since 2012.

The new headquarters is not only a benefit for current employees, but also for new ones. Britenet recruits all the time in Java, PHP, .NET, Frontend technologies, among others. Britenet is a company that has been present in Lublin for many years, but also a company that has taught other companies - a lot of people have come out of here to populate the Lublin IT ecosystem. [...] We can't even imagine how strongly the IT industry and its development, how outsourcing in general has changed Lublin - that's 10,000 new employees over the last 10 years. - noted at the opening Dr. Mariusz Sagan, Director of the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship of the City of Lublin. People who are just taking their first steps in IT can also find employment here, such as in Campus' proprietary training programs or Force Academy, which prepares them to work with Salesforce technology.

We attach great importance to the development of competencies and opportunities to learn from colleagues, and our clients appreciate this as well. We highly value students and graduates of Lublin universities, who are already joining the ranks of Britenet, gaining their first professional experience ," says Wioletta Bykas-Darnowska, Head of Human Resources. The opening of the new office in Lublin will unite the two Lublin branches. We wanted to create a space that is creative, open and tailored to the needs and expectations. Our goal was to provide employees with working comfort and a friendly atmosphere, as well as the opportunity for integration , she adds.

Britenet has been operating in the Polish and foreign IT market for nearly 16 years and currently employs more than 1,000 experienced IT professionals and experts. It has experience in building competence centers for multinational companies and provides extensive support in the form of expert outsourcing, IT system development, mobile application development, maintenance of existing systems and BI and Salesforce solutions.

We know that the IT industry is what is developing our city. We can confidently say that Lublin can compete with Wroclaw, Poznan and other Polish cities. We also see the migration of specialists from Warsaw to Lublin. - noted Prof. Zbigniew Pastuszak, PhD, Vice-Rector for Development and Cooperation with the Economy at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University. As an academic community, we want to join in supporting various business initiatives that are being implemented in our city. We currently have a lot of students majoring in IT and around IT. We are very open and interested in cooperation. This includes not only the training of strictly IT competencies, but also, for example, language skills, or any other sphere of knowledge and skills that you as entrepreneurs find useful. - added Prof. Zbigniew Pastuszak.

Britenet today has branches in Warsaw, Poznan, Kielce, Bialystok, Katowice, Lodz and Gdansk, and is preparing to open in Wroclaw and Krakow. The company has been present in Lublin since 2008. In addition, it is in the provincial capital where the administrative, office and human resources departments serving offices throughout Poland are located.