Britenet an official partner of the Salesforce Talent Alliance program!

Graphic showing the logo of Britenet and the Talent Alliance program

In the second half of December, we achieved another major success - we joined the prestigious 200 partners of Salesforce's Talent Alliance program worldwide, while standing next to the largest Salesforce technology providers.

The program is more than acquiring new specialists in a specific technology. In order to become a member of the program, we had to meet a number of requirements, but also obligations - the basic one is to create a culture of equality. Salesforce emphasizes that "equality is a value at Salesforce, but equality is more than a value... it's an action." There is nothing left for us to do but act!

What is the Salesforce Talent Alliance Program?

Salesforce Talent Alliance is a global program that connects business partners with Salesforce technology candidates. The project helps bring new talent into the Salesforce ecosystem and together create an integrated culture. Salesforce itself specifies that by 2025 the demand for talent in this technology will grow to 4.2 million new jobs worldwide, including 500,000 in Europe alone! 

What does this look like in practice? Project partners commit to hiring new Salesforce specialists and providing them with attractive training programs. Candidates are sent to our proprietary Force Academy, where they are trained to become certified Salesforce specialists, and given the opportunity for further development. 

What does it take to become a partner? In addition to meeting and adhering to the values that are central to the program, one of the requirements is that partners also devote 20% of their annual headcount to acquiring new Salesforce professionals with no more than 6 months of work experience. 

What will the project partners gain? New specialists who have developed from the beginning in a given company, learning all the technologies they will need for their future work. New specialists will receive priority registrations to Salesforce career fairs and events, and become official specialists in one big Salesforce ecosystem worldwide.  

What were Britenet's beginnings in the Salesforce Talent Alliance project like?

Britenet joined the Talent Alliance program in the second half of December 2022, thanks to the organization's Campus and Force Academy training programs for new candidates. 

In 2022, we hired as many as 54 Salesforce technology professionals, and already 46% of them have been brought permanently into the ecosystem - a result that is worth and even should be boasted about! It is also a clear confirmation that our Force Academy training program trains specialists who easily take their first steps in subsequent projects and slowly become experts in their own right! 

We are pleased that our company continues to grow, and by joining the program from now on TOGETHER with Salesforce and other partners, we will be bringing new young talent into the Salesforce ecosystem and the job market.