News - Britenet among the best!

Graphic shows badges awarded by Clutch portal

Customers last year, significantly appreciated our competence and the projects completed for them, letting them know about it on the platform. Thanks to the positive feedback, this year we were awarded in as many as 5 categories, so we are especially pleased with the recognition of the work we have done and its results. is the most reliable online platform for B2B entrepreneurs, which gathers opinions and reviews about companies offering technology services. The idea behind the portal is to help companies looking for IT professionals to find a business partner. On the portal, potential customers can check recommendations about the company they are interested in, made on the basis of past cooperation with other partners. There are also details of projects, case studies, quantitative and qualitative data. Importantly, all information appearing on company profiles is reliable, as Clutch independently supervises the process of adding reviews about a given company and verifies the people who add these opinions. 

The portal's annual company rankings are compiled based on reviews, target markets, areas of interest, size, number of employees, hourly rates and many other factors that allow the platform to identify leaders in specific sectors and technologies. 

Last year Britenet was among the elite group of companies that were awarded the title of Top Managed IT and Top IT Services by This year, however, we managed to win as many as five new awards, including Salesforce and Business Intelligence!

What awards did we win this year?

This year we received as many as five new awards. 

  • Top Systems Integration Company Poland 2023
  • Top Salesforce Company Poland 2023
  • Top Managed Service Provider Poland 2023
  • Top CRM Consulting Company Poland 2023
  • Top BI & Big data Company Poland 2023

Our clients especially appreciated our professionalism and proactive attitude in ongoing projects. This year they all gave us the highest rating (5 stars), making the average of all reviews an honorable 4.9! In each of the above categories, we are in the TOP 10 on the Polish market! 

Being listed in the directory of the best companies means that the brand is trustworthy and provides quality services. The awards are based on reviews and feedback from the previous year. Britenet has been repeatedly recognized with positive reviews from customers after successful cooperation - each review drives us to continue to grow and achieve new successes. Each new review on the portal involves filling out an extensive form consisting of 15 questions. In addition, before official publication, reviews are reviewed by Clutch to check compliance with the platform's rules and regulations. 

Receiving awards on is a huge honor. The main advantage is that our company now ranks high in the worldwide rankings, which further affects the recognition and strength of our brand in the eyes of potential customers. We are extremely grateful for the positive reviews, as without them this would not be possible!