How to establish and maintain customer relationships with Salesforce?

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Properly built and managed processes in an organization are capable of increasing sales effectiveness. However, it is necessary to have the right technological background for this. Digital transformation is a buzzword we hear at every turn, and it is undoubtedly a very important issue - especially in the age of ubiquitous digitization. From an organization's perspective, the key is to acquire customers and keep in touch with them. The ideal scenario is when a potential customer ultimately becomes a promoter of our services. Taking into account the aforementioned aspects, a very important element in managing an organization is technological support in the form of a CRM-type tool, such as Salesforce, among others.

A 360-degree view of the customer from Salesforce

Until a while ago, the main actor in the buying process was the seller, who basically built a need and then tried to satisfy it. Today, the customer is at the center of the process. This has happened because the process of acquiring information is now extremely simple. The moment we want to know details about a product we are interested in, or read other people's opinions, we can simply look for them online. For this reason, as an organization, we need to care about what message we formulate on the Internet and other information channels. The more we know about the customer, the more effectively we can tailor/personalize the way we present our products. Salesforce offers a 360 view, or what we call Salesforce Customer 360, through which we are able to coordinate the activities of the different departments of our company - starting with marketing, sales, support and upselling.

Access data from anywhere with cloud service

Salesforce is an example of a SaaS platform - Software as a Service based on the so-called cloud computing approach. It is a cloud-embedded tool, meaning that the platform uses remote servers to store, manage and process all data. The information is stored completely online, so a person using Salesforce can use the tool from anywhere in the world, using a laptop, phone or other Internet-enabled device. This is undoubtedly a huge advantage in a situation where we don't have to pay attention to the maintenance of the technical background or worry about the software and its updates. 

Application of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce, the world's largest provider of business applications and a global leader in the CRM market, offers many attractive cloud solutions. One of them is Marketing Cloud. The main task of the tool is to provide the highest level of support for marketing activities in an organization. The main areas we are able to handle and support are the creation of personalized content, dynamic customer service based on profiling, customer journey planning using Journey Builder, creation of modern email marketing that has a high conversion rate, and social media management from one place. All these features, combined with the entire ecosystem that Salesforce provides, are a recipe, so to speak, for success in today's modern business.

Simple synchronization of contacts

For CRM tools, integrations are a very important issue. Organizations very often have data in different places. In such a case, it is necessary to take care of issues of synchronization of information between different sources. Salesforce is able to easily provide mechanisms that ensure synchronization of data within our organization. In the case of providing contact information from several different sources and it is very important to maintain the consistency of this data and create integration between the systems used, so that the data is always up-to-date. 

CTI - receive and make calls with one click

Salesforce offers not only modules for managing sales, creating reports or building marketing campaigns. In the tool portfolio we can also find a special module called CTI - Computer Telephony Integration, which is used for direct communication with customers. As the name suggests, this module is designed to combine the functioning of the phone together with the computer. With its help, the user is able to effectively manage outgoing and incoming calls using a computer. Such a tool significantly facilitates the work of the consultant and translates into an increase in the level of customer service. In practice, the system is able to automatically identify the caller and then display the necessary information in a clear way (the so-called caller profile). This is a great convenience for the agent, who does not have to search for data about the potential customer, thus saving valuable time. In addition, after the call is completed, the call history is stored in the system in the form of a recording and a record of events.


Any serious organization knows that collaboration between marketing, sales and service departments is critical to long-term success. Salesforce is not just a tool, it's a proven way to run a business. The tools, which are divided into individual cloud products, allow you to map and meet the needs of every department in your organization. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud are just some of the solutions offered to streamline the company's operations, as well as to simplify and save precious time and, consequently, money. In this case, you should not look at the short-term cost of the tool, but at the profit you will make with it over time.

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