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A chatbot that won't annoy customers - is it possible?

The graphic depicts a chatbot. A smiling figure with a computer instead of a head is sitting in front of a laptop.

Years ago, the technological hype for chatbots and voice bots made many companies decide to invest in technology that may have reduced customer service costs, but at the same time caused huge image damage and led to the loss of many customers. Could this have been avoided?

What are the dangers of following technological hype? Is it worth believing that a new technology appearing on the market will solve all our problems? Lukasz Nienartowicz - Head of Business Intelligenc at Britenet - discusses how to use Large Language Models wisely in your insurance company, in an article for Insurance Gazeta. 

The link to the full article can be found below:

A chatbot that won't annoy customers

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Lukasz Nienartowicz

Responsible for the development of the Business Intelligence area at Britenet. For more than 12 years he has been involved in building data warehouses and analytical solutions for industries such as banking, insurance, automotive and public sector. He is particularly fascinated by the area of client data processing and analytics. He specializes in advising clients on how to overcome their business challenges and grow their organizations with the help of data.