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How do you lose customers and alienate people?

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When will the investment in digitization and process automation begin to pay off? Only when we properly prepare the data and gain real knowledge about our customers. Otherwise, we can only generate more mistakes and problems.

Can a lack of structured customer data hurt our marketing campaigns? Lukasz Nienartowicz - Head of Business Intelligence at Britenet - talks about what mistakes we can make and how we can alienate customers, in an article prepared for

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How do you lose customers and alienate people?

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Lukasz Nienartowicz

Responsible for the development of the Business Intelligence area at Britenet. For more than 12 years he has been involved in building data warehouses and analytical solutions for industries such as banking, insurance, automotive and public sector. He is particularly fascinated by the area of client data processing and analytics. He specializes in advising clients on how to overcome their business challenges and grow their organizations with the help of data.