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The sales department is the lifeblood of any enterprise. Its task is to ensure a steady flow of customers to the company. Therefore, it is very important to provide salespeople with tools that will help them acquire and maintain relationships with contractors. One of them can become the Salesforce platform.

Historically, this platform was created to automate sales processes. Over time, the product has evolved into a tool that can become the operations center of any company department. In this article, I will describe the capabilities of the Sales Cloud product and how it can support salespeople in their daily duties. 

First customer acquisition 

Every sale starts with acquiring a potential customer. In Salesforce, we call it a sales lead. The source of the lead can be a salesperson, a form on a website or a marketing campaign. Thanks to advanced assignment mechanisms, the lead is automatically assigned to the appropriate salesperson or sales team. The person handling the prospective customer can see from within the application all the steps he or she needs to take to complete the conversion. After successful qualification, the lead can be immediately converted to a customer and sales opportunity, called Opportunity. The conversion mechanism allows for very easy reporting. It is the basis for demonstrating effectiveness and confirming the overall health of the sales team. During the conversion, the system will automatically search the database of current customers to avoid duplicate records and automatically notify other interested parties of the resulting opportunity.  

Opportunity, or sales opportunity

The acquisition of a lead should culminate in the creation of a sales opportunity called an Opportunity by Salesforce. It is the heart of any sales process and the command center. It gives us access to all the key information about the sales pipeline and the next steps to be taken.

The possibilities for customizing the module to fit a company's sales model are virtually unlimited. The platform includes such functionalities as creating sales teams, managing product catalogs and the products themselves, creating tasks, contracts, orders and generating invoices. 

Salesforce has a built-in approval mechanism, making it very easy to automate any process that requires supervisor approval like granting product discounts.  

If you have a very complex sales model, you can extend the platform with the CPQ (Configure Price Quote) product, which includes very powerful modules in the areas of product configuration, price lists and invoice generation. 

Automation in the service of sales

Salesforce is a platform that allows extensive automation of business processes. With the tools available, you can optimize the work of a salesperson by having the platform perform repetitive tasks. As a result, the team can focus all its attention on the customer, instead of spending time performing routine tasks in the system. 

A good example of automation is the creation of reminders for salespeople about the next tasks to be performed, for example, making an appointment with a customer. Another very simple solution could be to automatically send an email to the customer with a satisfaction survey after a completed sale. 

However, automation does not end with creating tasks and sending emails. You can create modules that automatically perform complex business operations. 

Mobile application and collaboration

By choosing to use the Salesforce platform, each user gets access to a mobile application that allows the salesperson to do everything that is available from the web portal. Thanks to its configurability, it can be easily optimized for the specific needs of the sales team, which can complete their tasks even faster in the system. In addition, the app works offline, and all operations performed by the salesperson are recorded and automatically synchronized when they access the Internet. 

Another important element of the platform is collaboration capabilities using a product called Chatter. Users of the system are given a tool through which they can easily communicate with other members of the company by creating posts, annotations, sharing files, and the whole process is embedded in a specific context and on the Salesforce platform. 

Partners and their portal

The use of Salesforce does not have to be limited to supporting a company's internal employees. If a company is building its sales network through partnerships, the Partner Portal will provide an excellent communication channel. This is an online service that can be accessed by selected partners and where they can report leads, create sales opportunities and customer profiles. Using a solution running on the Salesforce platform, the sales team can also access this data from the sales application. It enables the extension of partner effectiveness reporting capabilities by analyzing generated customer profiles in real time.

The most important feature

Every CRM product available has advantages and disadvantages. In contrast, Salesforce as a platform goes beyond the sales department, integrating the work of salespeople with the company's retention and marketing teams and partners, allowing the company to reach customers faster and more effectively with the offer they need.

Britenet and its role

We believe that our success and that of our clients go hand in hand. As a company, we provide comprehensive services in building and implementing solutions on the Salesforce platform. With the knowledge we have gained and our extensive experience, we help our clients get the highest possible returns on their investments in new solutions. 

Our team has been implementing solutions on the Salesforce platform for 9 years. Our experience includes not only solutions within the Sales Cloud product, but also Community Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, CPQ and Field Service Lightning. We are able to maximize the capabilities of the platform, and if needed, we are able to extend it with external systems supporting the Salesforce solution. We provide our services to clients from every part of the world. We are currently working not only with companies from Poland, but also from Western Europe, South Africa and the United States. 

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Jakub Matyja

More than five years ago I joined Britenet, where I was involved with Salesforce technology from the beginning. I started my career with intensive training, and went straight into a project serving more than 10,000 users from Asia-Pacific countries. Over the past years, I have had the pleasure of working with more than 20 clients from different countries. I met people from practically every part of the world, and each project was unique in its own way. There is no boredom in this technology, so you constantly have to be ready for new challenges.