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Independence or partnership?

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In the book Hitchhiking Through the Galaxy by D. Adams, a race of intelligent mice constructs a powerful computer in order to get the ultimate answer to: "the big question about life, the universe and everything else." Every area of human endeavor has this type of extremely difficult question. Personally, I think that for the IT area it is the question of choosing how to implement projects.

Is it worth building your IT systems with the help of your internal IT department, or should you use external partners? Łukasz Nienartowicz - Head of Business Intelligence at Britenet - answers this question in his latest article for Insurance Gazeta.

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Independence or Partnership?

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Lukasz Nienartowicz

Responsible for the development of the Business Intelligence area at Britenet. For more than 12 years he has been involved in building data warehouses and analytical solutions for industries such as banking, insurance, automotive and public sector. He is particularly fascinated by the area of client data processing and analytics. He specializes in advising clients on how to overcome their business challenges and grow their organizations with the help of data.