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Innovation in Banking & Insurance - how to implement it effectively?

The graphic shows icons depicting technological innovation in banking.

Banking and insurance companies are increasingly looking for innovative IT solutions to make them more competitive in the market. However, "innovation" is slowly becoming a trendy and somewhat dangerous word that can expose a company to unnecessary expenses or generate further problems. However, effective implementation is possible if you trust the right outsourcing partner.

Can the right outsourcing partner guarantee us an effective and secure digital transformation of the company? What to follow and keep in mind when choosing an IT provider? Jarek Duda - Head of Communication and ICV at Britenet - answers these questions, among others, in his article for Insurance Gazeta.

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Innovation in Banking & Insurance - how to implement it effectively?

Photo by Jarek Duda

Jarek Duda

At Britenet, he was responsible for, among other things, the structures and principles of new business idea development. In his career, he has managed market development in 16 Central and Eastern European countries, marketing activities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and business development in Central and Eastern Asia for an IT and Real Estate company. He has experience in building, advising and managing complex organizations and developing new companies, startups, spin-offs and spin-outs.