IT services in the service of equal labor market opportunity?

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Britenet, after several months of intensive work, has completed the implementation of the Salesforce CRM system at the Activation Foundation. This is a special achievement for us, because the implemented solution has a real impact on the implementation of the daily tasks of the Foundation - whose main goal for 30 years has been to support people with disabilities in functioning in the labor market. - mentions Jakub Kątny, Salesforce Technical Leader at Britenet.

The Britenet team's implementation of a CRM system on the Salesforce platform has enabled the foundation to centralize and streamline its data completion processes. Now the foundation's employees can create a transparent and easy-to-use employer database using a single tool. The implemented solution will also affect internal communication and optimize many daily processes. This, in turn, will translate into the effectiveness of the actions taken and the pursuit of the goals set.

‍The mainpurpose of implementing the CRM system at the Foundation was to streamline processes related to activating people with disabilities on the labor market. The shared system implemented simultaneously in all branches of the Foundation enabled a smooth exchange of information on both business partners and activities carried out by the organization. - notes Izabela Wegner, Marketing Automation Leader at Britenet.

Until now, the organization has based its tasks on extensive spreadsheets used independently by individual provincial branches. In the case of cooperation with employers with nationwide operations, this led to complications and required additional activities between the foundation's branches. On the other hand, the spreadsheets themselves did not provide a solution adequate to the actual needs of the organization.

At the Foundation, we have long wondered how to improve the data aggregation process and how to centralize it. Until now, we had been operating on elaborate excel forms implemented by individual provincial branches. However, the spreadsheets alone were insufficient, as many specialists working on the process simultaneously made each other's work difficult. In addition, several times a year, in order to have a reporting and research view, we had to merge and transcribe the data into a single database. - says Mateusz Kotnowski, Director of the Employment Agency Division of the Activation Foundation. 

For more than 30 years, the Activation Foundation has been committed to supporting people with disabilities, among others, in achieving their professional goals in the labor market. The implementation of the solution was a particular cause for joy. It meant a real impact on the effectiveness of the daily tasks of the organization, whose main goal is to take action to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. 

‍SystemCRM at the Foundation was a step towards the commonality and unification of processes related to the search for candidates for specific positions submitted by the organization's business partners. We also made it possible to track in the system activities such as the preparation of the system, which will maximize the simplification and reduction of the time needed to establish cooperation with business partners. An additional assumption of the project was to prepare the data structures in a simple and transparent manner, allowing the effectiveness of the Foundation's activities to be tracked on an ongoing basis. During the project we used many of the standard functionalities of the Salesforce platform, and some of the solutions were implemented by our developers specifically for the Organization. - adds Jakub Kątny, Salesforce Technical Leader at Britenet.

Each year Britenet starts an unpaid cooperation with a non-governmental organization - teams of our specialists have the opportunity to use their knowledge and experience in developing activities undertaken for the benefit of society.


Britenet has been operating in the Polish and foreign IT market for nearly 16 years and currently employs more than 1,000 IT professionals and experts. It has experience in building competence centers for multinational companies and provides extensive support in the form of expert outsourcing, IT system development, mobile application development, maintenance of existing systems and BI and Salesforce solutions.

The company has already been trusted by more than 100 clients from around the world. Britenet has also been successfully implementing projects for the public sector for many years, including projects for the Chancellery, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, among others. 

Britenet has won the title of "Best Place to Work in IT in Poland" five times in the prestigious AudIT survey organized among employees by Computerworld Poland magazine. In addition, it was ranked among the top 10 on the list of the top 100 IT service providers in 2021 in Poland by Clutch, a B2B platform that helps companies find the best providers. According to Clutch's analysis based on, among other things, customer feedback, Britenet is also the No. 1 managed services company in Poland.