Angular vs. React - the most popular frontend technologies and who is using them

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Often, when using the websites we love, we don't realize in which technologies they were made. There is a good chance that a particular website was created using React or Angular. The popularity of these tools is not only due to the fact that the two giants of the IT world - Facebook and Google, respectively - are behind them.

Above all, each offers a range of versatile solutions for building dynamic platforms. Of course, both React and Angular show their advantages only when used properly. So let's take a peek at what companies and organizations are using these two tools and how this translates to their advantage.


‍Asthe spiritual successor to the not-so-successful AngularJS platform (also often referred to as Angular 1.x), Angular has completely transformed the approach to developing complex web applications. The framework was created in 2016. Among other things, it allows the creation of multiplatform applications - not only web, but also desktop or mobile. It was also a milestone to enable the creation of progressive applications (PWAs) - those that can use native mobile features despite the use of web technologies. Angular is a comprehensive solution and most of the necessary functionality is available "straight out of the box." Google's support also guarantees stable development and maintenance of the platform.

So who is using this framework?

Microsoft Office Home

Google's theoreticalcompetitor in the online office tools category uses both Angular and React. Microsoft is also the creator of the TypeScript language, which is used in developing solutions in Angular.

YouTube TV

‍Applicationfor streaming online programs. The service is available on platforms such as Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast and Xbox One. It also works on LG and Samsung smart TVs.

Xbox Live

‍Anonline platformfor all consoles in the Xbox family. Allows you to play online, as well as download additional content and sometimes full games.


‍An up-and-comingstreaming platform for sharing previews of actual gameplay in the most popular games. A viable alternative to Twitch.

BMW Price Calculator

‍TheBMW branduses the framework in its applications to configure vehicles and search for dealers.


‍Reactis a JavaScript-based library created and developed by Facebook since 2013. The technology is mainly used to create complex user interfaces for both web and mobile purposes. At this point, it is by far the most popular web technology in the world. It owes this not only to Facebook's support, but also to the millions of developers actively using React. Its simplicity is attracting a growing number of both developers and business people who want to bring new solutions to market even faster.

So what big projects on the web is React behind?


Unlike Google, Facebook proudly uses its own technology. The platform, which already has more than 2.2 billion users, runs on React even in its mobile versions (using React Native).


‍Anothergreat platform, based on the React library. Instagram's smoothness is due precisely to the use of the library created by Facebook.

Google Calendar

‍Oneof the world's most popular online calendars also benefits from the goodies provided by the React library.


‍The giantof the online TV world is using the React library to support, among other things, its platforms available on TVs. Netflix developers are using Gibbon's React library to create interfaces that require smooth operation on lower-end TVs as well.


‍Recently, one of the market leaders in CRM class software has also started using React. The library of components written in React continues to grow, and their use significantly accelerates the operation and enjoyment of the Salesforce platform.


‍Growingin popularity around the world, the meal ordering portal also leverages the benefits of React and React Native in its web application.


‍Asyou can see, both technologies have their supporters. However, when choosing the one that will work for our project, one must always keep in mind the purpose of our application. This should not be determined by popularity posts or current trends. Remember that the best solution will always be indicated by an experienced team of consultants, based on their knowledge and competence and precise guidelines for the system to be built.

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