Let's get to know the Force Academy training program - an interview with Jakub Labendovich

The graphic features an interview template for the series Let's Get to Know the Force Academy training program, along with a photo of Jakub Labendovich.

Salesforce technology is not losing its popularity and continues to be a frequent choice in the IT industry, so it's no surprise that there is no shortage of job candidates. The only question that remains is how to get started? The ideal idea to take the first step is training programs! We have several of these in our company, one of which is Force Academy, where, under the guidance of a mentor, new candidates gain knowledge and work experience. In a recent interview, Jakub Labendovich talked about the training program and the beginning of his career.

  • What prompted you to participate in the Force Academy program?

I am fascinated by Salesforce technology and saw the huge potential that the platform brings. I wanted to deepen my knowledge of Salesforce and gain practical skills to help me grow professionally. The Force Academy program offered intensive training and hands-on projects that were very appealing to me.

  • Did you already have knowledge of the IT industry before participating in the program? If so, where did you get your work experience?

Yes, before participating in the Force Academy program, I already had some knowledge of the IT industry. I gained it during my IT studies and through self-study and exploration of various technological areas. Already in middle school I became interested in IT, at that time I learned mainly from videos and articles available on the Internet. Then it was time for a more concrete dose of knowledge in the form of reading documentation and implementing more complex projects.

  • What did you learn from the program?

In the Force Academy program, I learned basic and advanced skills related to Salesforce technology. I learned about the platform architecture, how to create custom solutions and integrate with other systems. I also gained skills in data management, report creation and business process implementation. The Force Academy program provided me with a dose of solid theoretical knowledge and the opportunity to put it into practice in projects.

  • What did the different stages of the program look like? 

The Force Academy program consisted of several stages designed to enable participants to gain practical skills related to Salesforce technology. At the very beginning of the program, participants received an introductory introduction to Salesforce technology. This was important because some may not have had prior experience with the platform. This included learning basic Salesforce concepts and functionality, such as managing data, creating custom objects and fields, creating reports, and customizing the user interface. Then it was time to put the knowledge gained into practice in three more projects. Each project covered a wide range of technologies included in the Salesforce platform. We had the opportunity to work on realistic business scenarios and solve specific problems using Salesforce. During these projects, we had the opportunity to explore various aspects of the technology, such as configuration, customization, business process automation, integration with other systems, creating advanced reports and data analysis, and creating user interfaces using Salesforce Lightning. The goal of each project was not only to understand Salesforce technology, but also to practically apply the knowledge to real business cases.

  • Why did you decide to tie your career to Salesforce technology?

I decided to tie my career to Salesforce technology because I see great opportunities for growth in this field. Salesforce is one of the most innovative and rapidly growing CRM solutions on the market. Its versatile features and flexibility allow for customized solutions. In addition, the Salesforce community is very active and open to collaboration, which creates an excellent environment for learning and sharing experiences. Choosing to tie my career to Salesforce was a natural step for me to grow in a dynamic and forward-looking environment.

  • To whom would you recommend Force Academy?

Force Academy is an ideal training program for people who want to gain practical skills related to Salesforce technology. I would recommend it to both beginners who are just starting out with Salesforce, as well as those who already have some experience, want to expand it and start their first job with the technology. The program offers comprehensive training that includes both theory and practical projects, which is very valuable for professional development.