Let's get to know the Force Academy training program - an interview with Kinga Ambroszkiewicz

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The beginning of a career in IT can be hard, and the road to success is not at all easy. Sometimes, to find the right direction, you have to stray a bit. Kinga Ambroszkiewicz, Junior Salesforce Developer, who approached IT work twice before finding the right technology, found this out. The Force Academy program proved to be the best choice that steered her in the right direction. She tells more about her story in a recent interview.

What prompted you to participate in the Force Academy program?

It will sound like a hackneyed platitude, but I was prompted by the need for a change and, above all, the desire to try my hand seriously in the IT industry. Up to that point I hadn't had much commercial experience, and working on the projects I had completed so far gave me great satisfaction. A 2-year break from programming, resulting from working in a completely different industry, resulted in uncertainty about the direction of the technology I wanted to work in.

The Force Academy program seemed to be a good choice for me from the beginning, because it offered to help me enter the industry under the guidance of an expert, by taking Salesforce technology training, while requiring knowledge of the basics of object-oriented programming, web programming, databases and English, which I already had. 

In retrospect, I can now definitely confirm that taking part in the program was a great decision.

Did you already have knowledge of the IT industry before participating in the program? If so, where did you get your work experience?

I had mainly academic knowledge - I am a graduate of computer science at the Silesian University of Technology. After defending my degree, I became engrossed in working in the food service industry as a restaurant bar manager and computer graphic designer. In my spare time, in order not to fall out of the loop, I created three projects for friendly companies to support their work. When I decided to apply to Force Academy, I began the process of repeating the material, through courses on popular e-learning sites.

What did you learn from the program?

In addition to the typical technical knowledge of the platform's operation and capabilities, programming and the application of best practices, the training prepared me to work in a project team, as well as supported the development of soft skills, such as the ability to conduct a conversation with a client or the proper presentation of the created solution.

The program provides a solid dose of theoretical and practical knowledge in a variety of areas designed to help trainees put themselves to work in a commercial project.

What did the different stages of the program look like? 

The main path of the program is divided into three stages. At each of them we learn a different framework and platform area, ultimately creating a product - an application or a website - tailored for a demanding business client. During the course of the program, each participant also polishes proficient communication in English, by participating in additional meetings with other employees or in meetings with their coach. Since most of the projects in this technology are foreign projects, knowledge of the language at a communicative level is crucial. 

Why did you decide to tie your career to Salesforce technology?

I think an important factor for me was the variety of work offered - working in this technology, we are simultaneously backend, frontend, but also administrator, advisor and consultant. This combination of programming and direct contact with clients or colleagues from all over the world were attractive factors for me.

In addition, the prospects for professional development were very important to me - career paths in Salesforce are very diverse, and gaining specific knowledge can be sealed by earning a certificate, which is also an important motivator.

To whom would you recommend Force Academy?

First of all, people who want to take their first steps in the IT industry. The program effectively prepares you for the start of your career in this field, showing you the different areas of a programmer's work. I would also recommend the program to people who are communicative, determined and have a passion for learning, ready for a time of hard work during the training, so that in a short time we are ready to work independently as a Salesforce Developer.