Technology trends in 2022

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We already know the trends for the IT job market in 2022, so it's time to look at those for technology. Which programming languages will be most popular? Specialists in which areas will be in urgent demand? Will the metaverse take over the virtual world? This is what you will find out in the following summary of the most important technology trends in 2022. Enjoy!

These are the professionals the IT industry will be looking for in 2022

We have already talked more extensively about trends in the IT labor market in 2022 in a separate article. There Magdalena Münch - HR & Development Specialist at Britenet, shared with us information about the most promising positions, hybrid work system or the most popular non-wage benefits. So we know that the largest group of programmers includes those who use JavaScript on a daily basis, but there is also a noted increase in demand for specialists in the Python language area. The Salesforce platform is increasingly making its mark in the world of new technologies, so it is worth tying your professional paths to it. However, IT is not only programmers, but also testers, analysts or project managers - there is definitely no shortage of jobs in our industry for these specialists, which is reflected in numerous offers published on recruitment portals.

List of technologies for 2022

Year after year, new technologies join the pool of dynamically developing ones - but this does not mean that the well-known and well-liked ones (such as the Java programming language) lose their importance, on the contrary! The IT industry is a labor market still insatiable in specialists in numerous areas, but reports and observations show that among them there are some that are in particularly high demand.

The move away from the solutions that have been known for years is not happening quickly, although there are some trends here as well, and some disciplines are no longer as readily chosen today as they once were. Here's a look at some of the most important technologies in 2022, as well as those gradually losing ground.

Popular programming languages in 2022

According to CodingNomads report the most popular programming language in 2022 will be Python. It is also the language that is currently in one of the highest demand among employers, as shown by numerous job openings. It is often used in the areas of data science and machine learning - and it is these two areas that will continue to be popular this year.

Among the others - forward-looking and on-trend languages - we can mention Java, JavaScript and C++, and their functionalities are broad and often very versatile. Java finds its application in the Internet of Things, building applications or testing tools. JavaScript allows the creation of advanced websites and dynamic and interactive elements. C++ , on the other hand, is a language that allows the production of powerful systems while consuming low resources - examples are modern desktop applications or computer game engines.

Other popular programming languages for developers to create websites are HTML and CSS . Relational databases, on the other hand, are most often built using SQL.

Popular technologies in 2022 - these technologies will still be on top

AI, IoT, RPA... What's behind these acronyms? Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Robotic Process Automation! It's worth learning the acronym expansions of these technologies, as they will continue to dominate our industry in 2022. Artificial intelligence is used in many sectors - it is revolutionizing numerous areas, including medicine, where it has proved groundbreaking in cancer diagnosis, among other things. One significant branch of AI is machine learning , and it is machine learning that will be continuously developed and implemented this year - priming the trend toward data-driven enterprises.

IoT, on the other hand, is the Internet of Things, which is a network of interconnected devices that constantly exchange data with each other to analyze needs. In what areas does it find its application? From smart home systems, to automotive, to smart equipment used for work organization.

RPA, or robotic process automation , on the other hand, is a solution used in business, replacing humans where their actions are repetitive - saving time and resources are the main advantages of this technology.

All of these disciplines, along with cloud solutions, are now our daily reality, which has been greatly influenced by the shift of work from offices to homes and the increasing creation of distributed teams operating globally and over long distances. Along with this trend, it is therefore extremely important to ensure cyber security - this tier is also at the forefront of significant technological areas.

So specialists in these several technologies can rub their hands together - there will be no shortage of interesting offers and developing jobs. Those just entering the professional IT career path should definitely consider getting involved in these areas.

What will gain in popularity?

2021 ended with a bang - Facebook released the long-announced metaverse, an innovative version of the Internet that goes beyond the flat, one-dimensional format we know. It is intended to be a virtual, three-dimensional world bringing together people from around the globe and fostering online relationships. Users are to create their identities there - animated avatars, all using VR. Today, the metaverse is a mere buzzword for many, and reviews of the first app released within its framework, Horizon Worlds, are not very favorable. However, this does not mean that this technological area - the use of virtual reality, 3D solutions or artificial intelligence to create a new dimension of the network - will not gain popularity. On the contrary - the meta version of the world has already attracted the interest of another giant, Microsoft. It is expected that the largest companies will gradually be joined by others, and this means increased demand for specialists in the technologies used there.

Weakening interest in 2022 - technologies that will lose popularity

According to the report Developer Survey 2021 prepared by StackOverflow, the programming languages receiving by far the least attention are COBOL, APL or Erlang - they were developed in the 1950s and 1980s, and today their use is considered to support outdated technologies. According to some predictions, COBOL is poised for a big comeback, but programmers themselves are reaching for it reluctantly. IBM and Oracle, meanwhile, were among the most disliked by database developers. The survey also shows that the lowest salaries are recorded by programmers using PHP and Dart. The lack of interest in outdated programming languages, non-functional databases or unprofitable jobs will translate into less and less support for them, and thus definitely less demand for specialists in the aforementioned areas.


All indications are that 2022 will be marked by the dominance of artificial intelligence, process automation and the dynamic digitization of businesses. Adapting to the prevailing trends will also continue, in a way, to force data protection activities - cyber security is an extremely important area in the world of technology today. Tying one's career to Java or Python is a very good move, and entering the world of meta - which involves an interest in virtual reality and the three-dimensional form of the web - may prove to be an excellent step in the development of professional paths. So we'll be watching the emerging trends and technological innovations in IT with curiosity!