The Manifest announces Britenet as the most recommended IT company in Poland in 2021

The graphic shows the award given by The Manifest

Technology has completely changed the way corporations and organizations operate. Failure to explore potential advantages in the market can make the difference between scaling and stagnation. Britenet is a Polish software development and outsourcing company dedicated to providing quality solutions to clients around the world. To honor the trust of our customers, we are very happy to announce that we have been recognized by The Manifest as the most recommended IT service provider in Poland.

This is a huge achievement for us. For context, here is a brief overview of our history:

Britenet was founded in 2006 to help corporate clients operate with exemplary efficiency. Being led by our CEO, Michal Borny, we have a simple goal - to solve business challenges with the latest technologies emerging in the market. Our board of directors and department heads are made up of some of the most outstanding minds in the country.

Starting as a modest venture, our company has grown into a company that today employs more than 900 professionals - while becoming the best IT workplace in Poland. In 2020, we proved our dedication to our clients by guiding them through the difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recognition from our customers helped us earn The Manifest's inaugural distinction as the nation's most recommended IT service provider. For those who don't know them, The Manifest is a Washington, DC-based business blogging platform dedicated to collecting and analyzing practical business knowledge for innovators and entrepreneurs.

In the list of the 15 most recommended and reviewed service providers in 2021. Britenet was recognized for its amazing solutions. Our team was awarded because of our customers' feedback - which makes us even more proud.

This valuable award is a signal to us that our efforts to provide the best possible service since 2006 have not gone unnoticed. I would like to thank our BritePeople teams and customers who have chosen to trust us and accompany Britenet on this beautiful journey.

Michal Borny, CEO Britenet

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