Training programs the start of a career in Salesforce

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Salesforce technology opens many doors to careers, but an important question especially for those starting their career path is how to get started and how to learn Salesforc! At Britenet, the introduction to this technology starts with training programs that introduce programming techniques to later move on to practical tasks. Our proprietary training program - Force Academy at the end of 2022 joined the ranks of 200 partner companies worldwide that can boast participation in the Salesforce Talent Alliance program. You can read more about our training courses and the Talent Alliance in the article below.

Why combine your career path with Salesforce?

The attractive side of working at Salesforce, is that this technology offers multiple paths for both personal and professional development. Employees can train in frontend technologies, but at the same time also in the backend. Over time, they broaden their skills and acquire new competencies that are relevant both in the market and in their professional careers. 

Izabela Wegner, Marketing Automation Leader, talked about what it's like to work with Salesforce technology: 

I think one of the interesting aspects of working at Salesforce is the wide range of development opportunities. In addition to working as a developer, we also have administrators, testers, consultants, architects, business analysts and several additional specialties in which to grow. The possibilities are really quite numerous, and the transition from one path to another often happens quite naturally. An additional advantage of Salesforce is the constant development of the platform from the technical side, which makes us work in this technology, too. - Izabela mentions. Link to the entire interview with Izabela can be found here

First steps in Salesforce 

Salesforce has made it significantly easier to access information about its product by providing the Trailhead platform, which is modeled on e-learning solutions. Trailhead provides materials for people taking their first steps in this technology, as well as materials for advanced users. You can also find companies on the market that provide training for beginners, guaranteeing the best candidates later employment. However, it is worthwhile to look into these programs at the start and make sure that the training will be supervised by a practitioner (specialist) who will not only teach, but also prepare you for the project. At Britenet, we have two phases of the training program: Campus and Force Academy. 

First steps in IT? Campus training program is for you!

Campus is a 1.5-month training course designed for beginners who need to organize their knowledge. During the program, participants can learn the basics of object-oriented programming (usually Java or C#), as well as familiarize themselves with design patterns, building web applications (Java Script, HTML, CSS + selected frameworks) and creating relational database architecture. During the training, under the guidance of an experienced tutor, the participant will face various programming issues. The result will be the creation of your own application from scratch. Throughout the program, the mentor will be an advisory voice for the candidate, and will evaluate the performance of the task in terms of correctness, functionality or aesthetics, without imposing ready-made solutions. Upon completion of the training, those who achieve a positive code review score will automatically qualify for the Force Academy program as a Junior Developer.

Force Academy training program

The Force Academy training program lasts 3 to 4 months and is a continuation of the Campus program. New employees can count on an employment contract and a training contract from the first day of training. Participants are required to have a basic knowledge of programming in order to focus on the practical tasks needed in daily work already during the training. 

During the training, in addition to learning good programming practices and teamwork, participants also build three applications based on Apex, Visualforce, Aura and Lightning Web Component technologies. The training is conducted in groups of two, which allows for thorough preparation and verification of the level of acquired knowledge and acquisition of further skills, as well as enabling individual work with participants in our program. During the training, participants will learn Salesforce technology and all related frameworks, so as to be prepared to work on any commercial project.  

We asked Sara Jurczyk-Zielinska, Junior Salesforce Developer at our company, who started her career with Force Academy, for her opinion on the training. The link to the interview can be found here - Let's get to know the Force Academy training program - interview with Sara Jurczyk-Zielinska.

What does recruitment for training programs look like

Both Campus and Force Academy have the same recruitment procedure. 

The recruitment process consists of 3 stages:

  • Theoretical knowledge test and open-ended task.
  • A recruitment interview with an HR person.
  • A technical interview with an experienced programmer.

If the candidate meets all the conditions, an offer will be made to him and the details of cooperation will be presented.

Britenet in Salesforce Talent Alliance program 

Britenet joined the Talent Alliance program at the end of 2022, automatically becoming the only Polish partner to boast such an honor. This is a great source of pride for us, especially because our proprietary training program was recognized by Salesforce during the Salesforce Live Tour in Warsaw.

Force Academy trains new recruits to become certified Salesforce specialists. In 2022 alone, we recruited as many as 54 Salesforce technology professionals, and as many as 46% of them have been inducted into the Salesforce ecosystem on a permanent basis. This result is a confirmation that our Force Academy training program trains specialists who easily take their first steps in subsequent projects and have the chance to become industry experts in their own right. 


The training programs offered by Britenet are unique mainly because they are constantly being improved and adapted to the needs of the rapidly changing market. Those who take part in the training can count on the advice and experience not only of their mentor, but also of the entire Technology Department. From day one, the new person becomes part of the BriteTeam and is automatically an integral part of the entire team. 

The greatest value that Britenet delivers in its training programs is that candidates are trained from the very beginning until they become Salesforce technology specialists in their own right. Our programs take the form of long-term partnerships. Right at the start, an employment contract is signed with the candidate for a period of two years. During this time he gets a chance to acquire theoretical, but also practical knowledge, technology certifications are financed, as well as opportunities are provided for the candidate to go directly to a commercial project, i.e. to a client, after the training. 

The Force Academy program (2022 edition) has been covered by: Honorary Patronage of the President of the City of Bialystok, Honorary Patronage of the President of the City of Lublin, Honorary Patronage of the President of the City of Kielce, Honorary Patronage of the Rector of Bialystok University of Technology, and Honorary Patronage of the Rector of Lublin University of Technology.