What to keep in mind when implementing a B2B e-commerce platform (White Paper)

Graphic illustrating the construction of an e-commerce platform

In order to make effective sales, it is worth using all available communication channels to reach potential customers and influence brand image building and brand recognition.

When deciding to start selling online, it is worth considering a number of issues, including who we are targeting with our offer and who our potential customers are, what functionalities our e-store may need, how to design an eye-catching interface and at the same time take care of an efficient shopping path, as well as how to integrate our online platform with the company's internal systems.

With those in mind who are thinking about launching their business online, we have prepared a short guide. We have included in it the most important issues concerning the implementation of a B2B e-commerce platform. We encourage you to download and, of course, to read it!

Download: Implementation of a B2B e-commerce platform