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About the program

The duration of the Campus is about 8 weeks. After this time, there will be an evaluation of the application made by the participants and an invitation to those who coped
with the task most efficiently to take up a job and training at Force Academy as a Junior Developer.

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Force Academy

About the program

Employment contract from day one + training contract will give you the comfort of stability for the first two years of your career path. Intensive training of about 3 months will allow you to learn the basics of SFDC and prepare for your first Certificate. Further scheduled tasks in a commercial project will make you feel more and more confident in your role as a Developer.

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Step One

Description of programs

Junior Specialist is often the first independent role on the career path of a person who is starting out.
Do your first independent tasks sound like a challenge? Check out the offerings of our Step One programs.
In them, you'll receive a training program and mentorship. In this mode of work, you will gain experience that will make it easier for you to find
yourself in commercial projects.

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