We support technological development

Our solutions have a real impact on the daily lives of millions of people. We use our experience and expert knowledge
in the implementation of many demanding projects for clients in the commercial and public sectors.

Industries we support


We support the development and improve the operation of companies in the industrial sector. We provide services to integrate SAP
systems with systems based on Salesforce, among others, guaranteeing customers end-user-friendly solutions. We also develop software for innovative solutions such as digital printing for the FashionTech industry and create competence centers for large international companies.


Thanks to the experience gained in implementing projects for demanding clients and the knowledge of our experts, we prepare attractive solutions for companies in the banking or insurance industry. We create tools that enable the collection of dispersed customer data in one place, providing better service, more accurate analysis and making better business decisions.


We address the most important needs of
retail companies. Our solutions automate many processes related to sales
and logistics
, eliminating
problems with stocking, among others. Thanks to optimization techniques, we have developed an application that allows you to create suggestions for the quantity of products ordered in order to achieve
the highest possible profits.


We build applications that make the work of couriers easier, reduce transportation costs and allow customers to easily and quickly access all necessary information. Our streamlined data warehouses work better, faster
and more efficiently, and advanced reporting
in Power BI allows
data to be organized and clearly presented.


We create tools to bring together dispersed customer data in one place, providing better service, more accurate analysis and more accurate business decisions. More efficient identification of customers allows us to meet their needs more effectively, as well as more easily comply with the requirements under
the RODO law.


Among other things, our solutions have simplified the processes of conducting clinical trials through convenient access to patient data.
For those suffering from bipolar affective disorder, we have developed an innovative application based on a machine learning algorithm that gathers information and enables prediction of phase changes in the patient.