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With modern IT solutions, we help our partners get to the next level of data management - allowing them to better ensure the security and comfort of their customers.

We understand how important data quality and Business Intelligence solutions are for companies. That's why we offer to integrate and organize them and implement solutions and systems that optimize key business decisions. In this way, we support companies in their development towards Data Driven.

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Access to transparent data

Lack of transparent data means the risk of making wrong decisions and higher project costs. Bet on the specialists and start trusting your data. We offer specialized support at every stage of data management: from building the foundations of integration, to Data Warehouses, to the analytical layer.

Better decisions through transparent reports

We know how important it is in business to generate
and provide clear reports. That's why we implement the right tools and take care of the optimization, development and maintenance of the reporting system. We involve UX specialists in the process itself so that the prepared documents are clear
and transparent.

Relevant information extracted
from data

Turn your data into a valuable source of customer information by partnering
with the right team of specialists. We execute a variety of Data Science projects - from determining business needs to architecture exploration to production deployments using MLOps best practices.

Ready-made products for the industry

We leverage our experience with projects for clients in the banking and public sector, among others, to create high-quality digital products such as systems for RODO and Call Center support and Central Customer Databases - guaranteeing clients better control over their data.

Data with quality guarantee

The key to making the right business decisions is complete and consistent data. We carry out the entire process of cleaning them - quality assessment, parsing, standardization, deduplication and preparation of data sets along
with automation of Data Quality activities. This will help you gain confidence in your data.

Data driven applications

Enjoy the full potential of your data with a refined Data Driven application. We have comprehensive expertise in creating high-quality analytical data sources and the ability to build Machine Learning models to enable your business to harness the power of integrated data and Business Intelligence.

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Our priority is to implement solutions that meet our client's needs. We are not afraid to take responsibility for the project and its success. We do not practice the approach in which, after handing over the consultants, we leave the client with the Business Intelligence implementation project started. Our commitment
to our chosen mission is confirmed by numerous successful implementations.


Our specialists not only implement the selected systems, but first of all advise what IT solutions will be most beneficial from the perspective of the client's current capabilities and business strategies. We use our experience in Business Intelligence and knowledge to support our partners in selecting the best solutions available on the market.


We guide our business partners through all stages of ongoing data and business intelligence initiatives. We have specialized experts in both Data Warehouse, Data Lake, reporting, as well as artificial intelligence algorithms or business user applications supported by Big Data.


In the implementation of a project, we prefer to effectively divide its scope into smaller parts that, when implemented in a coherent manner, realize a specific business functionality. Prioritization of individual modules is left as much as possible in the hands of the ordering party, which knows best which elements will bring it the most business value at any given time.


We create solution architectures that not only address the client's current business needs, but also allow for expansion with additional data processing and usage modules in the future. This allows an organization to feed data to any IT system and use the knowledge contained in the data at the point of need.

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Case studies

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Construction of a new Data Warehouse

We built a 3-tier Data Warehouse for our client, which gave him access to a single source of truth for all corporate data and the ability to report jointly from data held in the systems of two banks.

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Central Customer Database for a client in the insurance industry

In order to meet the business needs of an insurance company, we designed and built a Central Customer Database. The solution influenced the quality of customer data management, which translated into optimization of processes and costs, as well as making more accurate marketing decisions.

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Edyta Czech

Business Unit Director

Associated with the IT market for more than 10 years. At Britenet she is responsible for sales development in particular in the financial sector. She works with the largest financial institutions in Poland and Europe, providing them with high quality tailor-made solutions. In her work she values partnership and the other person. What brings her the most satisfaction is the feeling that the actions taken bring measurable results to business partners.