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Have full confidence in your systems and IT operations being conducted. Rely on the knowledge and experience of a team of experts and make sure your company's infrastructure meets efficiency and security requirements.

We conduct in-depth audits and reviews that will assess the quality, security and performance of your code, data warehouses, internal IT systems or technology operations carried out. The reports obtained will enable more effective development of the company, and the guidance of specialists will improve the quality of your products and IT infrastructure.

Our services

Code audits

We conduct detailed code audits. We check its readability, ease of maintenance and development, scalability, stability, and level of security and vulnerability to attacks. Thanks to the prepared reports, you can assess the quality of your application, verify database schemas and make better decisions on the further development of your IT solutions.

Data warehouse audit

We evaluate the architecture and analysis of the data flow and data quality with respect to completeness, cleanliness and correctness of the fields used. We verify the processes feeding the data warehouse and evaluate it for maintenance. We then provide detailed documentation with a discussion of our recommendations.

Due Diligence IT

Learn about the risks of IT operations with the support of our specialists. We conduct assessments of the technology you are using in terms of its maturity and the amount of possible costs resulting from its development. By analyzing business risks, technology processes and potential IT costs, your company can significantly reduce the risk of technology debt.

Overview of IT organizations

We review the solution architecture from the systems and application level to the IT infrastructure level. We review the implementation of the IT strategy and how the selected services reflect it. We examine processes for the areas of service design, development and maintenance, as well as information security, policies and regulations across the organization.

Design Triathlon

As part of our proprietary Design Triathlon methodology, we conduct workshops where we help clients define the product vision, specify the audience and identify the values they would like to achieve. We then validate the business assumptions and aim to correct any errors that may arise at the idea level.

Power BI expert consultation

We offer advanced consulting on the operation and use of Power BI system capabilities. We perform both pre-implementation analysis and evaluation of the level of use of the tool you already have. As part of the consultation, we define your company's main reporting and analytical needs and help ensure the quality and readability of the generated reports.

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Magdalena Jagiello

Business Unit Director

In the IT industry for more than 10 years. As Business Unit Director at Britenet, he is responsible for developing partnerships with clients in the retail, logistics and international sectors. He assumes that the basis of any successful relationship is trust and honesty. In her projects she focuses on proactivity, openness and partnership. Privately, she is a lover of all kinds of painting and drawing, which she sometimes happens to commit.