Machine Learning

Through machine learning algorithms, data integration and the implementation of marketing automation tools, we solve the problems faced by companies in many industries.

We use advanced data analytics, AI and cloud solutions to accelerate key processes in our clients' businesses. Today, we work with the largest brands in the retail & logistics industry supporting their operations with advanced machine learning algorithms. We are able to transfer and apply our knowledge and experience with machine learning to support companies in other industries.

The strength of our




years of experience

8000 +

machine learning models in manufacturing

Greater control over supply and stocking

Unnecessary merchandise on the shelves or a shortage of products of greatest interest are problems affecting many stores. Solutions based on machine learning algorithms allow us to forecast demand or delivery delays. In this way, we can reduce to a minimum the time needed to define an order manually.

Effective promotions and better understanding of customers

We know how important it is in the process of preparing marketing campaigns to define customer needs. By betting on cooperation with Data Science experts, you will gain the ability to analyze customer behavior and forecast sales results. In turn, our performance analyses, will allow you to quickly adapt your activities to changes in the market.

Greater control over structured data

Organizing your data can dramatically change the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. We lead the process of building and developing a data warehouse, which we precede with an analysis of your company's business and system needs. We take on the entire process from designing the architecture, to implementation, to maintenance of the finished data warehouse.

Digital products of the highest quality

One way to increase customer satisfaction is to provide them with access to a compelling digital product. When creating applications and other IT products for your customers, we use the Design Triathlon methodology, which allows us to build products that perfectly meet the needs of users in a short period of time.

Create a digital product that solves your company's problems
Improve the quality of customer relationships with a Salesforce implementation.

Effective IT solutions for Trade and Distribution

Store chain owners face many difficulties every day - unfriendly ordering, stocking unnecessary goods in the warehouse, or problems generating logistics plans. Many of these difficulties involve repetitive and time-consuming processes that involve multiple employees. Meanwhile, inappropriate merchandising decisions or misguided promotional activities generate additional costs instead of profits. However, the above problems can be solved by working with the right business partner.

Smiling courier lining up parcels from a delivery truck

The combined capabilities of our certified Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Salesforce and UX specialists allow us to create and improve solutions tailored to the needs of retail & logistics companies.

Among other things, we support the trade and logistics sector with sales analysis - from marketing to logistics to the financial aspect. By collecting data and ensuring its quality, we help companies with analysis and reporting. We build powerful models based on Machine Learning for predicting customer behavior, offering greater control over sales performance, among other things.

We enable companies to get to a higher level of management and a higher quality of customer service by migrating and integrating data, maintaining and rebuilding CRM systems, and creating turnkey products based on Salesforce, and machine learning. All of this is done to help our clients get the highest possible returns and benefits from their investments in new solutions.

We benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our UX/UI specialists, who rely on the Design Triathlon methodology aimed at designing and developing digital products in a relatively short period of time through a 3-step process.

Our strengths


Due to the characteristics of working with products, we never close ourselves off to new ideas. We put the values of our partners at the center and it is around them that we build products that meet market requirements. We listen to what the users of our products say and adjust the next steps according to their expectations.


Our team of technology specialists has tremendous experience accumulated over the years in various domains. Our focus is not only on the technological implementation of the product, but also on the business values that the product brings with it.


Thanks to our technologically diverse team, we are able to adapt quickly to the challenges posed to us by our partners. Changing the shape of the team or the technology stack is not an obstacle to further product development for us, but only an impulse to expand the boundaries of our competence even more strongly.


When executing projects, we strive to deliver business value to our Partners as quickly and early as possible. The PMO team guarantees efficient and effective project management, while serving their previous experience in prioritizing tasks for the best possible outcome.

Custom solutions

We never close ourselves off to new challenges. The yet undeveloped areas of IT are a gap we want to fill. To meet the expectations of our Partners, we offer a set of Product Discovery services to help identify key values and find a solution to a business problem.

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In the IT industry for more than 10 years. As Business Unit Director at Britenet, he is responsible for developing partnerships with clients in the retail, logistics and international sectors. He assumes that the basis of any successful relationship is trust and honesty. In her projects she focuses on proactivity, openness and partnership. Privately, she is a lover of all kinds of painting and drawing, which she sometimes happens to commit.