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Since the beginning of our activity, we have established cooperation with the leading suppliers and leaders of software and IT services - we are, among others, a Microsoft Certified Partner.

The proven competence of our team is a guarantee of maintaining the highest standards and in-depth knowledge of Microsoft solutions. We are successively expanding and improving our competencies to meet the requirements of business partners and support them in the technological transformation of their enterprises.

Our services

Microsoft systems integrations

We execute solutions that will create a synergistic and secure environment to centralize or synchronize data between systems in an organization in real time. The solution we prepare is tailored to the client's current infrastructure and is completely maintenance-free.

Solution audit

We audit deployed Microsoft-based systems for performance, security and compliance with best practices. We offer general analyses of architecture, code, database queries and component procedures and business paths. We then provide a report with an indication of areas for improvement and a remediation plan.

System development and maintenance

We design and implement the process of moving applications and services provided by another vendor to Microsoft Business Services. We provide clients with the selection and deployment of new cloud or on-premise infrastructure, system and data migrations, system takeover and testing, code analysis and technical support.

Creating the user interface

We are able to create a variety of user interface designs: for mobile applications (iOS or Android), web applications (HTML5, Javascript, Blazor, Angular, React) or desktop applications (WPF/WinForms). The design prepared by the UX department allows us to meet all the requirements of future users.


Infrastructure solutions partner (Azure)

We have extensive expertise in performing infrastructure workload migrations to the Microsoft Azure platform. Our clients can count on the support of a team distinguished by high skills in infrastructure design, implementation, operation and optimization.

Our competencies

Cloud Platform
With our experience in implementing and migrating applications and services, we can guarantee that customers benefit from secure, high-quality solutions and support in modernizing their company's infrastructure.

Data Center
We have the skills and experience to transform Data Centers into more flexible, scalable and cost-effective systems using tools that combine on-premise solutions and cloud services.

Data & AI Solutions Partner (Azure)

We support customers in managing data to create analytics solutions and AI algorithms. We analyze existing workloads and deliver Microsoft solutions using the platforms: Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory and Azure Databricks.

Our competencies

Data Platform
We design and develop comprehensive, efficient and secure databases to enhance the quality of business decisions and strengthen our clients' position in the market.

Data Analytics
We provide clients with high-quality business data and generate advanced analytics that enable them to draw more accurate conclusions, make better decisions, and effectively transform their businesses.

Digital innovation and application solutions partner (Azure)

We support our partners in the process of modernizing existing applications and developing native applications for the cloud. We have experience in developing, launching and managing digital products across multiple clouds, locally or on edge devices.

Our competencies

Application Integration
Seamlessly and seamlessly integrate data and applications and automate operations across the enterprise, increasing company productivity and ensuring business goals are met more effectively.

Application Development
We have proven expertise in developing, testing and maintaining applications in the cloud. We also offer application design and monitoring on Azure and Microsoft 365.

With proficiency in process management and leveraging the DevOps features of the Microsoft platform, we ensure customers optimize development operations and deliver advanced applications.

Creating systems from scratch

For years we have been designing and implementing IT systems based on the Microsoft platform, which help to effectively manage resources, reduce costs and streamline processes in the company. Depending on your needs, these can be simple low-budget client-server applications as well as complex distributed systems ensuring high availability of the solution(scalability, resistance to failures, ease of expansion).

Our systems have passed many security and performance audits. We have gained trust among customers, so much so that we are asked to conduct audits and prepare remediation plans for competitors' products.

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We offer a comprehensive IT system construction service tailored to the customer's requirements. Our offer includes:

  • Analysis and collection of requirements
  • System and application design
  • Implementation and documentation
  • Testing and validation
  • Automate the implementation process
  • System implementation (on-premise/cloud)
  • Maintenance of the system
  • Monitoring system performance
  • System support and development

Our strengths

Wide possibilities

We offer a comprehensive service from functional requirements to implementation of the finished solution. We are experienced in providing technical support and maintenance of IT system infrastructure. We develop systems in Agile and Waterfall iterative methodologies and cross-platform systems.


Over the years - thanks to numerous completed projects for many demanding clients - we have gained a wealth of experience that allows us to provide technical support services and maintain the system's IT infrastructure at the highest level.

Guarantee of quality and safety

We constantly strive to provide our business partners with the highest quality of services and a guarantee of the security of processed data. For the purpose of developing and maintaining software for public institutions, among others, we have passed numerous quality and security audits.

Maximum productivity

When developing applications using open source components, continuous process integration and professional development tools, we guarantee our customers maximum productivity and minimized costs.

Teamed up

Out of concern for our employees, we have created internal processes that allow us to monitor and take care of their commitment and job satisfaction, as well as their optimal use of opportunities - thus ensuring, among other things, low turnover in our teams.


Many years of experience in the implementation of dedicated systems for organizations and enterprises in the public sector has allowed us to gain the trust and recognition of the most important institutions in the country, which makes us an excellent candidate for starting business cooperation.


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Robert Kwapiszewski

Microsoft Technology Manager

Responsible for the development department of solutions based on Microsoft technologies. He has been involved in building solutions in the Microsoft .NET Framework stack for more than 18 years. He has participated in the process of designing, implementing and maintaining many systems in distributed on-premise and cloud architectures. He has gained experience as a developer, team leader and architect, and for the past 5 years he has been manager of the Microsoft Technology Department at Britenet.