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Not having the right tools can mean being "out of the game" in the battle for customers. Therefore, bet on working with a trusted outsourcing partner who understands your company's needs.

In more than 18 years of operation in the IT market, we have been trusted by more than 100 clients from around the world. As a company, we strive to build long-term relationships based on trust and commitment. Our solutions will provide your company with access to innovative business solutions while maintaining excellent cost control, all by outsourcing IT professionals.

Our team






HR experts

Specialized recruitment department

Each of the relevant areas - including Java, .NET, Frontend, BI, Salesforce, QA, among others - is handled by specialists who have an in-depth understanding of its specifics. As a result, we are able to find the best candidates for selected positions.

Dual recommendation requirement

Before a specialist is proposed to the client, the candidate is verified in terms of his technical and soft skills, motivation for work and foreign language skills. In this way, we ensure that the client works with the best experts.

We monitor the involvement of specialists

Our Allocation Department takes care of assigning specialists to projects and monitoring employee satisfaction and commitment. The department also takes care of ensuring knowledge transfer - guaranteeing that the client works with an optimally selected team.

We adapt to customers' needs

Depending on clients' needs, we delegate individual specialists or entire teams to projects. We also have experience in transforming a typical outsourcing service into a management service based on SLAs and KPIs.

Best direction to outsource

Poland, which is part of the European Union, is one of the world leaders in IT sectors. There are more than 600,000 specialists working in our market (data according to the International Data Corporation), which ranks as the third most qualified programmers in the world according to HackerRang. Polish Java programmers were recognized as the best in the world, while Python and Ruby specialists were ranked in the top five.

Office workers sitting at desks

What's more, more than 80,000 IT-related graduates enter the Polish market each year. Companies such as Microsoft, Google, GSK and Roche have decided to build competence centers here.

Britenet can deliver your projects in Poland according to best market practices and controlled conditions.

Our strengths

Expert knowledge and experience

Finding a trusted outsourcing partner is the first step to accelerated business growth. We have the experience to be an ideal technology partner and advisor in IT ventures for companies in the insurance, financial, industrial, retail, logistics and public sectors, among others.

Tailored collaboration models

Many years of experience, 50 technologies and more than 1,000 specialists - such a background allows us to implement projects in cooperation models tailored to the needs of our clients. Among other things, we offer our partners the outsourcing of individual experts, team leasing or managed services, and the implementation of recruitment services by a specialized HR department.

Diversity of technologies

By choosing a comprehensive outsourcing partner, you gain support in the development of IT systems and the implementation of even the most demanding projects. With a wide range of technological capabilities, we support clients in building modern applications and maintaining ready-made systems. We do not focus on one technology, but on the solution to the problem.

Testing the application

Our extensive knowledge of testing tools and techniques allows us to locate defects affecting the quality of IT products early. Our testers are the first users of applications understanding business needs. We perform automated testing, performance testing, manual testing and coordinate testing processes for large and complex projects.

Attention to service quality

We need only three days to present the client with a verified candidate for a project that conforms to the submitted requirements. We are committed to high quality standards in remote communication, work quality control and security, and constantly monitor customer and employee satisfaction, as well as ensure the continuous development of professionals.

Low turnover rate

Wanting to provide our clients with a sense of security, we make every effort to keep the turnover rate in our teams as low as possible. Over the years, we have developed effective processes related to knowledge transfer, finding replacements, training new team members and ensuring work continuity.

Performance and scalability of services

We constantly adapt to our clients' needs and project situations. We do not play the role of a subcontractor, but become a valuable partner, so that together we analyze the company's expectations and business goals, and then develop the best possible methods of action in the short and long term.

A focus on partnership

We focus on building long-term cooperation based on trust. We want to become a comprehensive technology partner for our customers. As an IT provider, we always strive to understand the needs and expectations of our business partner, as we believe this is the key to success. This is the foundation on which we build all customer relationships.

Opportunities for cooperation


Our geographic location and access to specialists considered among the best in the world make us an ideal business partner for companies in Central and Western Europe. Maintain greater control over your projects and maximize their effectiveness by working with a partner that guarantees high efficiency and quality communication.


More than 16 years of executing projects for clients from all over the world have allowed us to create and optimize processes that enable us to operate effectively in an international environment. As a result, companies from even the farthest corners of the globe can start working with a partner that offers the highest quality of service and access to the world's leading experts.

Staff augmentation

We have more than 1,000 experts specializing in 50 different technologies. Our specialists are ready to support your team in the implementation of even the most demanding IT projects. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of individual programmers or the entire team - gaining flexibility and efficiency and maintaining full control over the course of the project.


Lack of resources

At Britenet, we focus on employee development and supporting professionals who are at the beginning of their career path. We conduct numerous training programs to assist in the process of changing professions and to train technical school graduates, and we cooperate with universities in all the cities where our offices are located.


Our priority is long-term cooperation with customers and employees. We make every effort to keep the turnover rate as low as possible, and we implement refined methods for transferring in teams and maintaining know-how. We have a dedicated team of leaders and account managers monitoring employee and business partner satisfaction.

Scalability of teams

In response to the dynamics of IT projects and the changing demands on the size of teams, we have developed methods to enable ad hoc support, expert consultation and cross-domain sharing of knowledge and experience. We rely on flexibility to adapt to customer needs and project situations.

International work environment

Our experience in working with clients from different regions of the world allows us to function effectively in an international and cross-cultural environment. 90% of our specialists speak English, and most of them also speak a second language. We have also developed processes to work effectively with clients from other time zones.

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