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Digital products today are the answer to almost all customer needs. Don't let your business fall behind - bet on working with a team of creative specialists and launch a complete digital product that will set you apart from the competition.

We use methodologies and technologies that enable us to refine and test digital products right from the idea stage. We find the answers to the most important questions of competitive analysis and the needs of the product's target groups, so that we create high-quality solutions tailored to the needs of your business.

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Usability audits

Doubt whether your product is working as originally intended? Trust our experts to conduct comprehensive audits of your IT systems. We'll check the readability and security of your code, assess your data architecture and verify the processes feeding your data warehouse.

UX/UI Design

We create new digital products and improve the performance of existing ones to meet user needs and align with your company's business goals. Our specialists have expertise in design thinking, information architecture prototyping or user needs analysis.

Express results with Design Triathlon

The Design Triathlon methodology allows you to quickly create an optimized digital product ready to go to market. The process consists of three stages: workshops with the client, design and testing of ideas, and instant production of an MVP - a minimally viable product.

Web applications and systems

Bet on transparent and secure web applications prepared with the needs of customers and your business in mind. We offer comprehensive development of web applications and systems from different domains. We provide complete solutions while taking care of the programming layer, usability and accessibility of the product.

Mobile applications

One of the best tools for increasing customer interaction is mobile applications. We use our expertise and creative approach to develop attractive and functional applications. The flexibility of our teams allows us to use native solutions and create hybrid applications.

Data Driven Applications

Enjoy the full potential of your data with a refined Data Driven application. We have comprehensive expertise in creating high-quality analytical data sources and the ability to build Machine Learning models to enable your business to benefit from the power of integrated data.

Custom products

We realize that there are areas where IT solutions still do not meet customers' needs. We are ready to create our own products that meet companies' expectations and fill the gap in the market. We have implemented the most customized solutions in data quality and Machine Learning.

Our strengths


Due to the characteristics of working with a product, we never close ourselves off to new ideas. We put the values of our partners at the center of design and product development, and it is around these values that we build products tailored to market needs. We listen to what product users say and adjust the next steps according to their expectations.


Our specialists have extensive experience, which they have gained through years of work in various domains and numerous demanding projects. We do not focus only on the technological implementation of the product, but also on the business values that the product created by us brings.


With a technologically diverse team, we are able to quickly adapt to the challenges posed by our partners. Changing the shape of the team or the technology stack is not an obstacle for us, but only an impulse to expand the limits of our competence more intensively.


When executing projects, we aim to deliver business value as quickly as possible at the earliest possible stage of work. The PMO team guarantees efficient and effective project management, using their years of experience to prioritize tasks to achieve the best possible outcome.

Custom solutions

We never close ourselves off to new challenges. Undeveloped areas of IT are a gap we want to fill. To meet the expectations of partners, we offer a set of Product Discovery services to help identify key values and find a solution to a business problem.

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Marta Siedlecka

Experience Design & Solutions Manager

Manager of UX/UI Design and Webflow Development area with eight years of experience in the industry. She is a psychologist and psychotherapist by training. Her greatest joy comes from people management, mentoring young design talent and planning strategies for building and developing products. She has been with Britenet for over 3 years.