Rely on our expertise in Salesforce solutions and achieve better sales results, increase the quality of customer relationships, and take advantage of the opportunities provided by marketing process automation.

Acquiring new customers and retaining current ones is a major challenge for many companies. Our Salesforce team supports sales departments to more effectively manage customer acquisition processes, create personalized campaigns and analyze customer behavior - making your company more competitive.

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Maintenance and development of Salesforce systems

Keeping pace with changing customer needs requires thoughtful development of Salesforce systems. With our broad competence and creative approach, we are able to effectively increase the performance of your systems. We also offer maintenance cost optimization and application revitalization.

The best experts at your service

Do you want to implement new solutions, improve the performance of your systems or automate your company's marketing processes, but don't have the right specialists? Trust Salesforce's team of experienced and highly rated experts to help you complete even the most challenging projects.

Better deployments through test automation

Gain confidence in the effectiveness of your application and reduce the time and costs associated with its development. We have the competence and experience in the use of Selenium and Cucumber tools that enable you to extensively automate testing and shorten the entire implementation cycle of successive application versions.

Advantage through marketing automation

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with customer behavior analysis, process automation, targeted campaigns or tools for faster transactions. Depending on the needs of your business, we will help you implement solutions based on Marketing Cloud and Pardot.

Higher Quality Customer Service

Bet on advanced tools to increase the efficiency of service support and reduce the time of handling requests. Entrust us with the implementation of Sales, Service and Experience Cloud, which will make a real difference in the quality of communication with customers and allow your company to provide them with the highest quality of service.

Full control over data

Don't be afraid of bold steps and complex implementations. Not only do we offer to take marketing operations management to the next level, but we also carry out projects involving data migration and Salesforce integration with other systems - enabling clients to realize the potential of their data.

The right Salesforce partner key to success

Salesforce is a global leader in cloud technology and the No. 1 CRM system in the world. It provides the most effective solutions in the area of customer support, and guarantees uninterrupted access to the use of services during its operation. It enables specialized solutions completely tailored to customers' needs.

Realizing the full potential of Salesforce is possible by working with the right partner who can take advantage of the system's capabilities, adapt them to the organization's requirements, and has the right knowledge, experience and qualified team. Britenet is just such a partner.

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For more than 11 years, we have successfully implemented successive challenging projects for the education, electronics and NGO industries, among others, where we re-architect systems, transfer processes to the Salesforce platform, as well as audit and integrate existing systems. By implementing new solutions, we ensure that clients enter a higher level of data management and improve the productivity, speed and efficiency of their operations.

Our team of 120 qualified professionals has gained experience including solution implementations in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Mulesoft, Tableau CRM, CPQ and Field Service Lightning.

Our specialists strive to understand customers' needs, requirements and values and flexibly adapt to them. Meanwhile, our main goal is to build trust and long-term cooperation with partners.

Our strengths


Our specialists have comprehensive expertise in building solutions on the Salesforce platform. They have gained experience in all major Salesforce solutions, including Sales Cloud, Pardot, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud or Community Cloud, so they can make the most of the platform's capabilities.


We have been gaining experience in implementing Salesforce solutions for over 11 years. During this time, we have created a team of specialists who have earned as many as 350 certifications and completed numerous projects for many sectors. We use the high competence and acquired knowledge to train Salesforce staff ourselves - considered one of the best in the market.


The experience and competence of our specialists enable us to undertake even the most complex projects. Thanks to careful planning and optimization of tasks, we are ready to meet demanding challenges - including, among others, extensive refactoring of the system architecture while maintaining its uninterrupted operation.

Long-term cooperation

One of the most important values in Britenet's operations is to strive to build trust and long-term cooperation with customers. The Salesforce division, as part of its services, offers not only product implementation, but also ongoing support, maintenance and development of implemented solutions to ensure our customers feel secure.


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Improving system productivity through refactoring

We re-architected the system, which improved its productivity, speed and performance. Over time, the refactoring process has made it easier to maintain and further develop the system, as well as eliminating bugs and making it harder to create new ones.

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A higher level in management thanks to Salesforce implementation

We implemented Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack CRM, which took the client to the next level in managing contractor, project and financial data. Additionally, an advanced platform was made available to the client's employees.

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Profile photo of Jakub Kątny

Jakub Kątny

Salesforce Technical Leader

Certified Salesforce specialist with Britenet for 3 years. His main tasks include overseeing the technical aspects of projects. He has had the opportunity to work for clients in sectors such as education, sales and finance, as well as non-profit organizations.