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We create and develop high-end software for our clients, secure and tailored to their needs, making a real difference in the development of their businesses and achieving a competitive advantage in the market.

We have been engaged in software development as an outsourced service since 2006. We have built our position through the implementation of demanding projects for clients in many industries, including the public sector. You can entrust us with the integration and migration of systems, building a tailor-made solution, including modern systems and applications, process automation and audits of your existing solutions.

Our services

Project in good hands from start to finish

When you entrust a project to us, you can have confidence and peace of mind that we will take responsibility for it from start to finish. We will effectively guide you through the entire project process - from analysis, specification creation, project evaluation, programming, implementation, testing to development and maintenance. We have large and experienced Java, .NET, Frontend, Testing and UX teams. As a result, you are guaranteed that the software you develop will be a consistent and functional solution and one that meets your expectations and those of its users.

Ready-made or tailor-made solutions

You can trust our extensive experience and entrust us to choose the best solutions. Before we proceed with the project, we will thoroughly understand your needs and expectations. Then, in response to them, we will propose ready-made solutions available on the market or design and build tailor-made systems that meet your requirements.

Modern applications and systems

You can entrust us with the implementation of even the most demanding projects with the confidence that they will end up in the hands of experienced specialists. We develop complex enterprise-class solutions and those based on modern and high-performance distributed architectures. We build websites, browser-based applications, desktop applications and those for mobile platforms - native and hybrid. In addition, we support our clients in the development of complex backoffice, CRM, or ERP applications. We have extensive experience and knowledge, so we ensure the proper functioning of products, but also on the ergonomics and convenience of use of our systems.

Efficient management and productivity growth

Chaos, rising costs and lack of cooperation between the systems running in the company? We can remedy it. On a daily basis, we support our customers in creating a coherent IT environment in their companies, we deal with migration and integration of systems. As a result, you gain the ability to increase the efficiency of your systems, enable cooperation between them, and manage them more easily.

Process automation and data cleanup

Today, data, is gold and a valuable resource for any enterprise, so we will help you control it. Our specialists perform integrations and migrations of data from a variety of sources and IT systems. In their work they use the best ETL, Microsoft or SAS tools and the knowledge of our analysts. In addition, they will assist your company in centralizing and automating business processes, which will have a real impact on the flow of data between different departments in the organization.

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Our strengths

Software and information security

In connection with the development and maintenance of software of public institutions, we have passed many audits. As a result, we have solid credentials, which are a guarantee of the quality and security of the software produced for our clients. We deliver the finished software in a secure manner thanks to the procedures implemented in the company and the ISO 27001 certification. Thanks to this, customers have a guarantee that the processes implemented in Britenet related to information security work in a correct and effective way.

Skillful project management

We have extensive experience in managing complex projects. We work with various software development methodologies. We run projects in Waterfall, Agile, Kanban, Prince2, PMBOK and Hybrid methodologies. Our experts lead projects, adapting them to the changing environment, manage risks, respond to customer expectations, and have experience in leading and motivating project teams. We take full responsibility for the entire project life cycle, from project initiation through planning the course of the project, implementation, to steering the execution and evaluation of the results.

Attention to quality and detail

In creating and developing software, our specialists use the latest technologies and programming languages, as well as environments, frameworks and automation tools. We constantly take care of the development of their competencies, organize training courses and enable them to share their experience, including at internal technology conferences. Importantly, the low turnover in Britenet's development teams also translates into the quality of solutions provided and guarantees continuity of project implementation.

Long-term cooperation and understanding of needs

We focus on long-term relationships with clients, so we can fully understand their needs and tailor the best solutions for them. As a result, we have earned the trust of demanding public institutions including the Ministry of Finance, Poland's largest banks, as well as international companies in the automotive, energy and insurance industries. It is also crucial for us to maintain long-term relationships with our employees, so your company is guaranteed to work with a reliable business partner.


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