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Experience and a wide range of skills in application testing and quality assurance (QA) ensure that we test any application. Our clients receive quick information about the quality of the application being built.

Our experts are at the same time the first users of the built applications who understand the business needs. We help answer questions such as: whether the application will meet the users' expectations, whether it is intuitive, and whether the set business goals have been met including providing quality to the user.

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Automatic Tests

We will effectively design and implement such automation that is easy to maintain. Our experience in web, API, desktop and mobile application automation will ensure that we tailor the chosen solution to your project. The tools we use include: Selenium, Cucumber, TestComplete, Ranorex, Appium, Cypress and RestAssured.

Manual Tests

Certified experts will test the application according to good practices. Our work, is not limited to testing according to the received requirements and providing a report. Extensive knowledge and experience make us pay attention to performance, usability, intuitiveness and accessibility (in accordance with WCAG) in our testing.

Performance Tests

We will conduct performance tests simulating traffic of up to hundreds of thousands of users. The report we provide will easily identify any limitations and problems. The tools we use include jMeter, Locust and Gatling.

Testing management

In large projects, it is necessary to choose the right strategy. By properly coordinating the testing process, we will ensure that business-critical functionalities will definitely be tested. The time of the testers will not be used for nothing but will be utilized in an efficient way.

Entrust the testing to the experts

Increasing competition and ever-changing customer expectations demand ever faster delivery of good quality applications. Customers cannot afford to use a solution that will not perform as expected. A first impression of an application can only be made once. Consternation among users, lack of intuitiveness or failure to perform basic business tasks in a production environment can spell project failure. Loading a page for more than 10 seconds can make a user never return to a particular service again. Our testers provide information to make responsible decisions about a product before it goes into production.

Extensive knowledge helps our testers develop comprehensive progress reports and evaluate characteristics such as performance in non-functional testing. We also make it possible to deliver quick changes to users in a way that guarantees correct application performance. This is made possible through the proper design and implementation of automated tests. Project teams can be confident about the changes they make, thanks to our approach of building a test strategy that takes into account the context of a project.

Our strengths


Our team does not approach every project in the same way. We will test an application developed for internal use differently, and one that will go to the global market. Business objectives depend on the specifics of the project and the target user group. Context is most important.


We have experience in implementing projects for many industries including banking, lottery, insurance and e-commerce. We work with complex systems that support thousands of users and process their real money. In such industries, there is no room for defects that can cost customers lost savings. Our clients have successfully implemented systems operating on a national scale with our experts.

Certified knowledge

In our company we rely on knowledge confirmed by independent institutions. Our experts gain further certifications issued by, among others, ISTQB and Oracle. Continuous development of all employees is a priority. We encourage them to improve their competencies, as well as to share their knowledge with colleagues. We are ambitious and believe that there are no untestable things.


As testers, we work at the business-programming-end-user interface. Our unique skills enable us to deliver information tailored to the end user. We create defect reports differently when we target business and differently when we target developers. Clear communication is fundamental in the work of a tester.


We do not limit ourselves to written requirements, because we know that their list is never complete. We translate tacit knowledge not written down by requirements into specific test scenarios. Our extensive knowledge of testing techniques and tools gives us the chance to find defects affecting product quality early. We are the first users who care about delivering the best possible product.


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